Who's Who



Mary Kirchoff

Vice President
Pattie Whelan

Trish Herskee

Barbara Lindsell


Susan Krieger 2018-2020

Mary Ihde 2019-2021 

Eda Steinman 2020-2022


Archivist:   Helen Ryan

Hospitality:   Nancy Brandt

Library:   Patricia Brinster

Membership:   Andrea Burton

Photographer:   Anne Sigler

Programs:   Barbara Berdy

Publicity: Pattie Whelan

Quilts of Valor:   Carol A. Johnson


Raffle Quilt Coordinators:

Diane Van Dyke and Rachel Cochran

Future Quilt Show - Penny Merkel & Trish Herskee

Scholarship:   Jo-Ann Scherer,  Kathy Pitiger and Pattie Whelan


Service Projects:  Anne Sigler

Sit N Sew:  Peggy Tummarello

Website:   Julia Sullivan

Welcome Table:   Alice Martin

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Warwick Valley Quilters' Guild was founded in September 1982. The purpose of our guild is to create, stimulate, and maintain an interest in all matters pertaining to the making, collecting and preserving of quilts. Our membership has grown from approximately 30 to 150 members from New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

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