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Phyllis M. Klein Scholarship


(See details below – Deadline for Submission is May 1, 2023)

Applications for the WVQG Phyllis Klein Scholarship are now available. The application information has been sent out to 31 high schools in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Last year we received 5 applications for the $1000 scholarship. If you know of anyone who may be qualified for this scholarship, please pass the application and information along.  If you have any questions, please email Katie Bisaro at


The Warwick Valley Quilters’ Guild (WVQG) offers a scholarship to a graduating high school senior planning to pursue an education in the field of fiber arts (including majors such as textile arts, fashion design, fashion marketing) and fine arts (including such majors as painting, sculpture, graphic art).



An applicant for the Phyllis Klein Scholarship must be a graduating senior planning to continue his/her education in a fiber arts or fine arts field. The applicant must have completed at least one course in sewing, textiles, design, and/or art during high school.



  1. Complete the Application Information Form with all information requested.

  2. Applicants must answer fully each of the questions posed in this application. Please write legibly or type in a Word document.

  3. Applicants must include at least two (2) letters of recommendation acknowledging the quality of work done for recent classes/projects in the field of fiber or fine arts.

  4. Applicants must send at least one (1) sample of their work in a clear photograph as well as a written description/explanation of the work sample.

  5. The entire application packet, including photo and description of work sample, should be emailed to  All documents should be attached to the email. If separate emails are needed due to file size, make sure your name is included on all file names as well as in the subject line.



Your completed application package must be received by MAY 1, 2023.

Email all documents to:  Warwick Valley Quilters’ Guild, at with WVQG Scholarship and your name in the subject line.



The members of the WVQG Scholarship Committee will determine the selection of the winner.



This year’s award is $1000. Amounts may vary from year to year based on available funds.



The scholarship will be announced and presented to the winner by a member of the Warwick Valley Quilters’ Guild.



The scholarship need not be awarded in any year where none of the applicants is considered by the committee as meeting the stated qualifications.

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