Show & Tell  October 2019

Anne Sigler 10-9-19

Anne Sigler

Alberta Kelsey (in center)

Alberta Kelsey in center, others are holders of Antique framed applique

Susan Zuniga & Daryl Ferber 10-9-19

Susan Zuniga & Daryl Ferber - donated mini quilts for mini quilt auction at 2020 show

Marie Bernegger 10-9-19

Marie Bernegger

Barbara Lindell 10-9-19

Barbara Lindell with travel highchair seat

Barbara Campagna 10-9-19

Barbara Campagna

Peggy Tummarello 10-9-19

Peggy Tummarello

Susan Schweikhart 10-9-19

Susan Schweikhart

Debbie Van Brunt & Marilyn Martin 10-9-1

Debbie Van Brunt & Marilyn Martin

Marilyn Martin 10-9-19

Marilyn Martin

Ruth Wilson b 10-22-19

Ruth Wilson

Shirley Ruggiero 10-22-19

Shirley Ruggiero

Ruth Wilson d 10-22-19

Ruth Wilson

Ruth Wilson a 10-22-19

Ruth Wilson

Ruth Wilson 10-22-19 c

Ruth Wilson

Marilyn Martin e 10-22-19

Marilyn Martin

Marilyn Martin d 10-22-19

Marilyn Martin

Marilyn Martin c 10-22-19

Marilyn Martin

Marilyn Martin b 10-22-19

Marilyn Martin

Marilyn Martin a 10-22-19

Marilyn Martin

Kay Monto a 10-22-19

Kay Monto

Kay Monto b 10-22-19

Kay Monto

Jean Iannone 10-22-19

Jean Iannone

Diane Swenson 10-22-19

Diane Swenson - Hand Knit sweater using yarn from the Free Table!

Debbie VanBrunt 10-22-19

Debbie VanBrunt

Carol A Johnson 10-22-19

Carol A Johnson

Carol A Johnson 10-22-19 b

Carol A Johnson

Barbara Lindsell 10-22-19

Barbara Lindsell

Barbara Berdy b 10-22-19

Barbara Berdy

Barbara Berdy a 10-22-19

Barbara Berdy

Alberta Kelsey a 10-22-19

Alberta Kelsey

Alberta Kelsey b 10-22-19

Alberta Kelsey

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