Show & Tell

August 2018

Julia Sullivan

Julia Sullivan


Penny Merkel


Marilyn Martin, Alice Martin, and Carol Hausler


Carol Hausler


Corinne Winters - clutch bags


Pat Lemanski, Julia Sullivan, and Evalina Ems


Barbara Berdy

image7 (2)

Irene Weiss-Quilt of Valor

image6 (2)

Irene Weiss - quilt for exchange student

image4 (2)

Betty Passaro - crocheted blanket

image5 (1)

Betty Passaro - prayer shawl

image7 (1)

Jean Iannone - vest

image6 (1)

Penny Merkel - mounted minis

image1 (3)

Judy Veltidi - four seasons

image4 (1)

Evalina Ems - houses

image2 (2)

Judy Veltidi -bargello

image3 (2)

Judy Veltidi - 2 1/2 inch squares exchange

image3 (1)

Ellen Van Howling - bears and fish, using Victoria Findlay Wolfe template

image1 (1)

Carol A. Johnson - reversible quilt

image2 (1)

Laura Fullum - map quilt, class with Timna Tarr


Helen Ryan - painted quilt from Esterita Ausitin's workshop


Paqui Rodriguez - applique


Paqui Rodriguez - snowmen redwork


Diana Eschman - painted quilt from Esterita Ausitin's workshop


Corinne Winters - painted quilt from Esterita Ausitin's workshop


Marla Silbernagel - painted quilt from Esterita Ausitin's workshop


Helen Ryan, Diana Eschman, Corinne Winters and Marla Silbernagel -photos used for Esterita Austin’s retreat

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Diana Eschman - painted quilt from Esterita Ausitin's workshop